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There is only ONE database used by the insurance companies to set dental fees. This is it.

What other questions are there?

Why buy a FEE database? - with the correct numbers (fees) you can maximize profits and acceptance.

Why buy this one? It is the only one with the actual numbers used by the insurance companies to pay u.

Why buy this one NOW?  Not to decide is to decide. You are leaving $$ on the table. Know the numbers!

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Do you have some questions first?  Here are some excellent answers.
you tube buttonYouTube Video - Dr Webb - How to Set Dental Fees for Maximum Acceptance and Profit

This video describes and explains UCR - where, why, who and what.

It explains why you want to use the 80th percentile as your starting point.

Find out why this is the only real, accurate, non-survey - dental fee data available.

Any other "survey" could mislead you and cost you thousands of dollars each month in lost income,

Buying the "cheap" survey will cost you more - each week - than this one is, if the numbers are bad.

An incorrect dental fee costs you money each time the dental fee is charged. For many dental fees,

that could be hundreds of dollars per dental fee that is below the going rate. Get every fee right!

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