2014 Dental-Medical Cross-Coding Kit

Saves your patients money, so they love you.

The Medical kit has audio training, samples, completed forms, helpful hints, CPT codes, CDT codes and ICD diagnostic codes, which may be required on your dental claim form (form J430d).


When Can I use Medical Codes?

When the procedure is excluded by the dental insurance, but covered under medical insurance. (EX. Implant placement, TMJ and others)

When the dental insurance plan refuses to process the claim until the medical insurance denies coverage (EX. Wisdom Teeth, etc)

When the dental condition is caused or complicated by a medical problem. (We are seeing this much more often now that the link between periodontal diseases and heart diseases, diabetes, and others have been established. There are more examples, don't limit yourself.)

When the patient’s condition is trauma related.

Dental specialists should be using medical codes all the time; especially for hospital dentistry. (Pedo and others)

 When the patient doesn't have dental insurance. (Try it, if there is any chance. You have nothing to lose.)

Get the Codes and Start Today: The most experienced will enjoy the added power and flexibility found in one place. Skills typically learned only in multiple seminars over multiple years, at a cost of thousands of dollars and many lost office hours, will be learned quickly with this system. Get away from dental fee lists and start using a fair fee based on the services provided.             $250.+SH $199.99 + $16 FedEx shipping.

To Order simply call 1.877.628.3366  24/7 or on-line

The Dental-Medical Cross-Coding Kit may be the best source of new, big, money of all the kits. Trauma/accident patients often have no deductible, no co-pay, and are paid at 100% of your fee.  You have a high percentage of your patients who are diabetic, heart history, or other systemic disease history patients. They may qualify for medical insurance coverage. Plus, wisdom teeth, placing implants, all trauma, pathology and surgery are all likely to be paid by medical!

What about medical fees? The Fee Analyzer has medical code fees also.

Treatment Codes and Samples? Several sample claim forms are filled out for you. There are about 210 codes that you can use. Just like dental, you won't use them all, but the combo you use will bring in thousands of extra dollars.


We make it easy to convert dental to medical codes. This is a sample with dental codes on the left and the cross-codes for medical insurance on the right. Dental-Medical cross-coding illustrates that dentistry needs more codes, so that we can define the treatment.

Diagnostic Codes - ICD-9?The diagnostic codes are there. The treatment codes are there. Most codes give you the dental code, the medical cross code for treatment and then a list of possible ICD-9 codes or medical diagnostic codes. Some don't. There could be hundreds of reasons to do a panograph, therefore, there is a complete section with diagnostic codes listed so that you can select the appropriate reason. For third molar extractions, the reasons (diagnosis) are few, so they will be listed on the cross-coding page.

Blank Forms? Everything you need is in there. There are blank insurance forms, just put one on your copier and make as many as you want.

The ADA'S Coding Manual suggest you contact webbdental.com for information on using medical insurance in your practice.